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Reports and Films

Gulf Coast MRI and Diagnostic offer a multitude of ways for physicians to receive diagnostic reports and film in a timely manner. Reports from our radiologists can be delivered via fax, internet (with a password), or hand delivered by our … Continue reading

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Pain Management

Pain Management procedures can be ordered by your physician for diagnosis and/or therapeutic treatment of pain in all areas of the spine and joints (hip, shoulder, knee, etc.) Some of the various pain management procedures performed at Gulf Coast MRI … Continue reading

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Ultrasound is a simple, safe and painless diagnostic procedure that obtains images from inside the body by bouncing high frequency sound waves off parts of the body and capturing the returning wave echoes as a real time visual image. There … Continue reading

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X-Ray is a simple exam that captures an image of bone and soft tissue. This x-ray is analyzed by a radiologist for a diagnosis. The procedure usually takes 15-20 minutes. Intravenous Pyelogram is an exam in which a contrast agent … Continue reading

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Fluoroscopy – a procedure that utilizes a fluoroscope to view internal organs of the body. This is useful during diagnostic injections and pain management procedures. Myelography – used to detect a tumor, an infection or other problems with the spine … Continue reading

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Nuclear Stress Test

Nuclear Stress Test (Gulf Coast West location only) Nuclear stress test is an assessment of blood flow to the heart. This assessment is done in two parts, at rest and during stress. Rest Phase: A radioactive compound that localizes in … Continue reading

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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine is a well established imaging modality. A nuclear medicine exam is a safe and painless procedure which utilizes radioactive material to detect, diagnose and treat disease. It can often identify abnormalities early in the progression of a disease, … Continue reading

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